1. The following are video guides that have been screened and selected to help you do the exercises you have been given by your Local Physio
  2. Your Physio will have given you a reference number - this corresponds to the number of the clip you should watch
  3. Remember - there are no set repetitions, you should concentrate on the quality of the exercise. For maximum effectiveness you should try and do as many reps as you can whilst maintaining good form

Good luck!

Video guides

1. Shoulder stabilisation exercise

2. Shoulder exercise

3. Core exercises

4. Core / glute exercises

5. Core / glute exercises

6. Core / glute exercises

7. Core / glute exercises

8. Core / glute / lower limb exercises

9. Core / glute / lower limb exercises

10. Core / glute / lower limb exercises

11. Glute / lower limb exercise

12. Lower limb exercises

13. Lower limb exercises

14. Lower limb / running drill exercises

15. Women's health exercises 

16. Women's health exercises

17. Women's health exercises